Dubini blends finest Italian techniques with a modern aesthetic to create distinctive and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman.


The hallmark of Dubini jewellery is its rich history.


No two pieces are the same, and to wear these one-of-a kind pieces is to feel completely unique. It’s just like discovering something incredible for the first time, and getting to keep it all to yourself forever.

Benedetta Dubini

Creative Director


Benedetta Dubini is an Italian designer based in London, the city in which her jewellery career began. She graduated from Central St. Martin’s with a degree in Jewellery Design and then went on to fine tune her knowledge at the Gemological Institute of America. Benedetta’s work has offered her a plethora of experience within the industry, from exploring the Eastern influences of Gem Palace, to learning the Italian traditions of handcrafted fine jewellers of Villa, Carolina Bucci and Pomellato.



Benedetta’s passion for jewellery, fashion and art was born at home in Italy. As part of a theatrical and fashion-forward family, she grew up surrounded by imaginative style. The designer’s grandfather owned several Roman cinemas in the 1950s, while her grandmother adorned their screens.



An intrepid traveller, Benedetta has long been determined to bring home her treasures discovered abroad and contextualise them in a modern way, for the enjoyment of tastemakers in Milan, Rome and London.