Coin Jewellery Care




We recommend keeping the jewellery inside the pouch. If you would like to store more than one piece inside the same pouch, keep the jewels separated with a piece of tissue paper in order to avoid scratching.



If you deem it necessary you can clean the piece with simple jewellery cleanser or warm soapy water and a cool rinse but avoid touching the coin, as its patina can get ruined and it can deprecate in its value. If you feel that your coin itself needs more than occasional spot clean then you should get in touch with us as we will happily clean it for you.



If you feel that the coin has been damaged in some way then we recommend you get in touch with us and we will assess the coin appearance. This will prevent further deterioration of the coin and more expensive repairs later. We do provide a professional service of coin restoration.





If you want to store the pieces in plastic containers make sure it is not PVC type (Polyvinyl Chloride), as it can damage metals such as brass and silver, which the coins we use are made of.



Our coin jewellery should not be stored in wet places as moisture can oxidise the coins. Do not swim (in either a swimming pool or the sea) or use spa facilities while wearing the jewellery. If exposed close to the sea the oxidation process may accelerate.

Be careful with fragrances: you should apply perfume or creams before putting on your jewels. The alcohol content in such substances can cause negative reactions with your piece.



In general, cleaning coins in our jewellery is not recommended. The toning and ageing characteristics of the coin makes it unique and can add rarity value to it. The coins have been already cleaned by professionals to their suggested extent and unprofessional handling can ruin them.